Sunsport Gardens Values


Sunsport welcomes people regardless of gender, race, religion, age, marital status, sexual orientation, or disabling condition. In addition to the retired people who are found at other naturist resorts, many families with children and young adults reside at and visit Sunsport. All activities and facilities are open to people of all ages. Children are admitted free; young adults have greatly reduced grounds fees. As children of members turn 18, they have low membership rates for a few years. Special weekend Fests are held for young adults three times per year. Each July there is an eight day Youth Camp for children and their families. Sunsport has no problem with tattoos or body jewelry. Low cost camping is available so that lower income people can afford to be part of the community. Ramps to buildings and the pool area and bars in rest rooms and showers make it easier for people with difficulty walking. As long as people behave appropriately, all are welcome.


Sunsport provides an opportunity for healthful choices. Smoking is restricted to four out of the way areas so that members and guests are not exposed to second hand smoke or cigarette butts. Active exercising is easy with a fitness center, a heated swimming pool with salt added so that chlorine can be significantly reduced, tennis, volleyball, and petanque courts, canoes and kayaks for boating, pool and ping pong tables, a playground, and an extensive system of trails through the jungle and roadways. Sports at Sunsport are recreational, involving people of all skill levels. During season there are dances and dance classes, yoga, volleyball clinics, and water aerobics. The restaurant always has healthful options including extensive vegetarian and vegan choices, a variety of fresh vegetables, wild (not farm raised) salmon, home made soups without a lot of salt, and never any transfats used in cooking. The chef is happy to help with special dietary needs. The meals are not only nutritious, but are delicious and inexpensive. The showers have organic shower gels for washing. Sunsport has chosen not to serve alcoholic beverages, which could alter the family friendly environment; however, people are welcome to bring their own as long as they are used in moderation.


Sunsport Gardens is a natural paradise and will remain natural with unpaved roadways, high vegetation around much of the lakes to provide protection for birds, otters and other wildlife, a large jungle area, and many native plants and trees, including tropical fruit trees. The lakes are full of fish and turtles. A great many species of birds and lizards abound as well as the occasional bobcat, fox, armadillo and mischievous raccoon. Sunsport has an extensive recycling program and uses energy efficient lighting. Nonrecyclable styrofoam is not used in the restaurant. The primary heat for the swimming pool, hot tub spa, and many showers is solar. In fact, the swimming pool needs augmented heating to maintain its 87 degrees only in the coolest weather. Solar panels cover the roofs of buildings in the central recreational area. Clotheslines are available so that the sun can be used for drying rather than the driers in the laundry area. Sunsport encourages the members to experiment with permaculture and sustainable gardening.


Sunsport respects and values its employees. The minimum wage is well above Florida's minimum wage. Each year all employees receive at least cost of living adjustments in their pay. Sunsport Gardens Inc. shareholders receive no dividends and can't sell their shares at a profit. They pay the same lot rent as other members. All income is used to maintain and enhance Sunsport.


Sunsport Gardens provides an opportunity to recreate and live naturally clothesfree in a safe, supportive environment. Nudity is expected at Sunsport and is required most of the time in the fenced-in area around the pool and hot tub and all the time in the pool, hot tub, sauna, and showers. In order to educate people about the benefits of naturism and encourage them to experience it, Sunsport offers a free one day pass to first time visitors and free admission to monthly drum circles. Staff in the front office and serving in the restaurant are usually nude or topfree to help set the tone. Sunsport is a member of organizations which promote acceptance of naturism and protect its practice: The Naturist Society (TNS), the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR), Young Naturists of America (YNA), and the Federation of Canadian Naturists (FCN/FQN) - and the International Naturist Association (INF) through the Canadian organization. Sunsport is closely allied with groups supporting nearby clothing optional beaches: South Florida Free Beaches and Treasure Coast Naturists.

"Body acceptance is the idea, nude recreation is the way."

Policies and decisions by Sunsport's Board and Management Team are always informed by these values.