Resort Rules

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Rules and Regulations Effective 10/1/2015



Naturism is the approved way of life at Sunsport Gardens.  All members and guests are expected to participate.  In order to provide the maximum enjoyment of each member and guest, the following park rules have been adopted.



This includes ALL non-resident members as well as day visitors


1.  Clothes:           Nudity is expected, conditions permitting.  Nudity is required at all times in the
                             swimming pool, spa and sauna.

2. Conduct:           Good conduct is expected.  Overt displays of sexuality are not permitted.
                             Vulgar language will not be tolerated.

3. Children:          Parents are responsible for their children's safety and actions.

4. Towels:             Please carry and sit on your own towel at all times.

5. Pets:                 All pets must be registered at the office, which includes vaccination verification
                             and photo.  Pets must not cause a disturbance.  Dogs must be leashed except in
                             the Dog Compound. You must immediately pick up after your pet.  Pets are not
                             permitted on pool or spa deck (including grassy area), or in common buildings. 
                             Registered Service Animals are permitted with Management approval.

6. Swimming:       Safety signs posted at the pool and spa must be obeyed.  No beverages allowed
                            in the pool, hot tub, or sauna.  No glass at the pool, hot tub and surrounding
                            area.  Suntan lotions and oils clog the filters.  Please shower with hot water and
                            soap before entering the pool or hot tub.

7. Trash:              Please place all trash in appropriate containers.  Containers for aluminum cans
                            and blue and yellow recycling bins are available.  Household trash must be
                            brought to the green Onyx dumpster.  Please recycle.

8. Smoking:          All of Sunsport Gardens is smoke-free except in designated smoking areas and,
                            where permitted, individual lots.

9. Alcohol:            Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted.

10. Drugs:            The possession or sale of illegal drugs is not permitted.

11. Firearms:        Firearms are not permitted on the premises.


12. Photography:  Photography is permitted in common areas only with management approval and
                             presence.  Red tape must be applied to all camera lenses including cell phones,
                             lap tops and tablets.   Please see Photography policy which can be obtained in
                             the office for photography anywhere on Sunsport Gardens  property.  In the
                             case of a minor, written consent from a parent/guardian is required.  Under all
                             circumstances, permission of the person being photographed must be obtained
                             before photographing them.

13. Speed Limit:   5 MPH.  Be alert.  Watch for children , animals, golf carts, bicycles, pedestrians,
                             and flying monkeys.

14.  Radios:          Radios, televisions and CD players may be used in camping areas provided the
                             volume is kept low.  These devices may be used in common areas such as the
                             pool and spa area when wearing a HEADSET.

15.  Quiet Time:   Please be as quiet as possible between 10:00 pm. and 8:00 am. weekdays,
                            midnight and 9:00 am. on weekends.

16.  Solicitation:   Permitted only with the prior consent of management.

17. Guests:           If you expect guests, deliveries or maintenance personnel, notify office in
                            advance and register them upon arrival.  Members are responsible for the
                            actions of their guests.

18. Member Admission:     All non-resident members must sign in at the office upon arrival at
                                           Sunsport and be prepared to show their picture ID.

19.  Grounds Fees:  Grounds Fees are charged for the use of our facilities.  All non-members on
                                Sunsport property are required to pay grounds fees for each day they are on
                                the property.  Management may waive grounds fees for guests of residents
                                who remain on the resident member's site.  In order to do this, management
                                must be notified in advance and during normal business hours by the resident
                                that they will be entertaining guests.  These guests mush check in at the
                                office prior to visiting the resident member.  As with all our visitors, they will
                                be required to sign in and present a positive picture ID.  Special arrangements
                                can be made for guests arriving after close of business.

20. Parking:         RVs must back into their allocated site with back of RV next to electric and
                            water hookups.  Seasonal campsites may have one additional registered vehicle,
                            space permitting.  Long Term campsites are allowed two registered vehicles per
                            site, space permitting.

21. ATV's:            ATV's and Dirt Bikes may not be operated.

22. Golf Carts:     Golf carts must be kept in good repair.  Lights are required after dark.  Electric
                            and solar powered golf carts only.  Golf carts may not be driven on soft, squishy
                            ground. In order to drive a golf cart, people under age 18 must be at least 55
                            inches tall and have written permission from a parent in the office.

23. Boating:         Boats must be used in a safe manner.  Remain seated in boats.  Children may use
                            boats if written permission from a parent is in the office.  Floatation devices
                            appropriate to boater's age are required.

24. Trees:             Trees and large bushes may be removed only with the approval of the ecology
                             committee.  Approval is required for the removal of invasive vegetation such as
                             Brazilian Pepper trees, which form a buffer around the park.   Permission must
                             be obtained from management before clearing land.

25. Fires:              Open fires are permitted only in approved areas.

26. Campsites:     Campsites must be maintained in an orderly condition with lawn maintenance
                             and belongings properly stored.  Campsites must remain free of pet waste.  You
                             are responsible for removal of lawn debris: all leaves should be placed in trash
                             bags and taken to the dumpster.

27. Chairs:           Chairs are provided at the pool, volleyball courts and tennis courts.  They are
                            not to be removed from these areas.

28. Dumping:      Only dump waste water into the sewer system.  Do not dump black or gray water
                            on the ground or in the water.  Always use a hose when dumping.  Blue boys are
                            NOT TO BE USED!  Do not dump grease into the sewer system.  Place it in a
                           container and dispose of it in a trash receptacle.

29. Sewer Hook Up:        You must use a "donut" to connect to our sewer system.

30. Violations:     Fees are not refundable if a person is asked to leave for a rule violation.