WiFi at SunSport

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an update and short explanation

Currently at SunSport we have an ever improving WiFi environment, thanks to Geoff and company. We have incoming Comcast service that serves the office and the clubhouse. Each of these also has a Wifi Cloud.

These clouds are not enough to provide coverage for all of the park, so there are several nodes that extend the coverage. All WiFi is based on a radio signal for sake of illustration we will say that WiFi runs between channel 1-11 with most focused on 1 or 6 or 11. SunSport is set at channel 6, but occasionally has to be manually reset due to power outages. Awesome sounds great!!! So what’s the issue?


We also have a lot of people with individual Comcast Xfinity accounts. Comcast rolled out xfinity hotspot or roaming. Each Gateway box carries your signal to your home. It also carries a separate signal that allows any xfinity customer to access the xfinity web via that signal with their xfinity login. Great as a comcast customer I get a powerful wifi net at my home and I get to pick up wifi wherever there is a Gateway box. Awesome!! Each of these Gateway boxes operates on a wifi radio signal between 1-11 and most folks don’t change the factory settings.


What happens is that the radio signals bump into each other. Like when you’re driving and have the radio gradually another station drowns out the one you were listening to or creates so much static you can't hear either. For example my gateway box’s signal goes from Morley’s porch to the hot tub to the butterfly trail. I do not need that much signal and the interference is both ways. My signal messes up the SunSport signal and the SunSport net can interfere with my signal.



If you use a Comcast “Cable Modem” and a low signal strength in home wifi router, you will actually have better coverage in your trailer. These are made for your typical 900-2000 square foot apartment or home, and will easily cover your trailer and yard. It is a one time expense and can be used with different companies if you move your trailer elsewhere. It will actually improve your private wifi since you won’t be sharing with xfinity surfers or competing with the SunSport system. You also won’t have to pay the $10 a month for the Comcast “Gateway” box.


If you want to continue using your “Gateway” box, please modulate the channel to either 1 or 11. Each time you reset the box or if the power goes out you will need to check to be sure the channel is reset. Geoff or some of the tech savvy in camp can help you learn how to do this. There are many options on modem & router combinations that work well so ask around for suggestions.


An illustration of a WiFi solution